51, Triq il-Wied, Mellieħa | Tel: 7926 3686
51, Triq il-Wied, Mellieħa | Tel: 7926 3686

We’re Back…….with some changes

Published on 25th April 2022.
Our normal run to the supermarket is not the same any longer. We’re sure each and every one of you can relate. After all, we rock the same boat.
Being faced with rising costs at every turn is not an easy situation to face. We did our very best to absorb as much of the spike as possible, until the hard truth started biting in. From raw materials to utilities, from maintenance to disposables, from transportation to labour costs, from consumables to professional fees, all across the board! We can go into the complete details, but that would be neverending. On average raw material prices went up by no less than 12%, with certain instances well above 100%
After being seriously bashed and tormented with fiscal logic, at the hands of our accountant, we were left with no other option than to raise our prices. This was our last and only resort if we intended to keep Jo’s Delights alive.
It all comes at a price, however our passion, commitment, Love and Gratitude, always were, still are and will always be free !!
Since every cloud comes with a silver lining, in the coming days, we will be announcing some good news, which we’re sure you’ll greet with open arms. Please stay tuned to our FB and Insta for all the exciting details.
Much Love & Gratitude,
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